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 A Guide to EV Training (If you don't know what EVs or EV Training is then click!)

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PostSubject: A Guide to EV Training (If you don't know what EVs or EV Training is then click!)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:04 am

OK, as every trainer should know EVs (Effort Values) are an important key to victory in competitive battling and I will educate you on them:

-EVs are hidden values which are gained whenever you own a Poke or shove Vitamins down your Poke's throat

-Only 510 can be gained, with only 255 in each stat

-4 EVs = 1 Stat Point, so only put an amount of EVs which is evenly divisible by four in a stat, otherwise your wasting precious stat points

-EV Training can give a dramatic increase stat points... let's compare a Level 100 Arceus that was completely Rare Candied with a Level 100 Arceus (Same natures, IVs and all) that was EV Trained:

For instance in the EV Trained Arceus I put 252 EVs in Sp.Atk the EV Trained Arceus will have 60 more Sp.Atk points than the completely Rare Candied Arceus.

-The only way to reduce and eliminate EVs is with the use of certain berries:

-Pomeg Berry : Reduces HP
-Kelpsy Berry : Reduces Attack
-Qualot Berry : Reduces Defense
-Hondew Berry : Reduces Sp.Atk
-Grepa Berry: Reduces Sp.Def
-Tamato Berry: Reduces Speed

Feeding your Poke one of these berries will make them love you more and will reduce the corresponding stat's EVs by 10, if the amount of EVs in the stat being reduced is greater than 100 it will be reduced to 100.

-Vitamins increase a stat it is supposed to increase by a total of 10 EVs.

-There is a rare, yet sublime disease known as the PokeRus will double all EVs gained in battle, it will not affect the EVs gained via Vitamins

-There is a pretty much obsolete item known as the Macho Brace which acts as a held item PokeRus, except it decreases Speed in battle. A Poke holding the Macho Brace and is infected with the PokeRus will have the EVs gained in battle quadrupled.

-There is a nice collection of items known as the Power Items, they decrease Speed in battle but they give the holder 4 EVs in the stat mentioned in its description no matter what, as long as EXP points are gained. The effects of these items don't kick in when the holder is being fed Vitamins. The effects of the Power Items are affected by the PokeRus and example is shown below:

1 (Given by the defeated Poke) + 4 (Given by the Power Item) x 2 (By the PokeRus) = 10

So basically the EV given by the defeated Poke and the EVs given by the Power Items are added up and then the PokeRus doubles the sum.

OK, now that I explained EVs lemme give you good locations for EV training:

- Sp.Atk : Old Chateau : Gastly (1), Haunter (2), Gengar (With dongle method, 3)
- Speed : Trophy Garden : Staravia (2), Pikachu (2), Pichu (1)
- Sp.Def : Route 220 (Or any other place infested with Tentacool or Tentacruel) (Surfing): Tentacool (1), Tentacruel (2)
- Attack : Route 211 (East): Bibarel (2), Machoke (2)
- Defense : Iron Island: Steelix (2), Graveler (2)
- HP : Valley Windworks : Bidoof (1), Shellos (1)
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PostSubject: Re: A Guide to EV Training (If you don't know what EVs or EV Training is then click!)   Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:53 pm

yea those locations are best for ev training
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A Guide to EV Training (If you don't know what EVs or EV Training is then click!)
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