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 Battling Rules

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Battling Rules Empty
PostSubject: Battling Rules   Battling Rules EmptyMon Jun 02, 2008 11:02 pm

1. No spamming whatsoever.
2. Talk only on topic!
3. Be kind nice and respectful to all the clan members.
4. Don't act like you are the best.
5. No double posting!
6. Make sure you use good grammar.
7. Please try to stay active.

Battle Rules for wars and regular battles.
lv 100 Single or Double
6 vs 6
No hacked items,stats, move-sets, ability's
no ubers(unless specified)
UU or OU(mostly OU)
Species Clause (No more than one of each pkmn)

Battling Rules Pokemangamercardcopy1
Welcome to the Alliance
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Battling Rules
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