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 Rules and Policies

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PostSubject: Rules and Policies   Rules and Policies EmptySun Jun 01, 2008 9:10 pm


1. No Spam - Spam is defined as blatant self-promotion, or sometimes simply mindless posting. It is best phrased as "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages." It can also be seen as advertising for a major website in order to get profits from said website. Multiple posts of the same subject to clutter the forum, posts with no relevance to any subjects dealt with on the forum, or posts devoted purely to promoting one's own work will be deleted, and the user will be given a Warning or a Ban, depending on the severity of the offence.

2. No Unfit Material for Minors - Many of our users are under 18 years of age and we therefore strictly forbid any material such as pornography and erotic writing. Any user posting such things will be Banned.

3. No Flaming - Flaming is defined as personal attacks or insults on another person regarding the persons religion/views/knowledge etc. Though we encourage healthy discussion and debate, a certain point comes in which an insult turns personal, and this is strongly discouraged via both public forums and the messenger. Reports of such abuse will usually result in a warning; multiple abuses will result in a Ban.

4. No Trolling - The inverse side of Flaming, Trolling is defined by trying to make others insult you. Posts such as "PS3 sux" would be considered trolling, as it is a purposeful act meant to result in argument. Users in violation of this will be Banned. Feeding the trolls is considered equally against the rules.

You can post news/comments but it must be supported and presented impartially without bias to a particular console. Any one posting without linking to a supporting article, in a trolling manner will be assumed to be posting with the intention of damaging this forum community and/or causing ill will in the community and will be perma-banned outright.

5. No Warez - Posting up and asking for illegal warez is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: ROMs, isos, and game cracks. Violation of this Rule will usually result anywhere from a Warning to a Ban, depending on the offence.

6. No Spoilers - Spoilers are bits of story information that a user will not know. After a time, Spoilers become known as "common knowledge," and it is therefore alright to post about them. But near and immediately after the release of a game, a spoiler must always be marked with a spoiler tag clearly. It is generally accepted policy to wait about 2 months after the release of the game before one posts spoilers without a spoiler warning. Violation of this Rule will generally be met with a Warning. Spoilers are permitted only in specially marked forums.

7. No "Gurus" - There are to be no posts telling people to "ask [a user] anything." These clutter the forum and are unnecessary. If a user would like to become well known as intelligent in the community he or she can let it be known by replying to pertinent topics. Violation will result in a Warning.

8. Signature/Avatars - Signature are the personalised attachments placed at the bottom of peoples' posts, and Avatars are the pictures which appear under peoples' usernames. It is common practise for people to have graphics in the signatures ("sigs"), and this is perfectly acceptable as long as they don't contain anything sexually explicit, inappropriate or distasteful, as deemed by the staff forum. Violation will result in staff removing signature and the member shall receive a warning.

For Junior and Regular Members the max sig size is:

480 pixels (wide) by 100 pixels (high) and no larger than 35KB.

For the SMC, DS, Subscribers and Mods the Max sig size:

480 pixels (width) by 120 (high) and 60KB.

Avatars must abide by the following rules:
1) The max size for avatars is 100x100 pixels, and the max file size is 20KB; 2) They must not contain anything sexually explicit, inappropriate or distasteful, as deemed by the staff forum. Violation will result in staff removing signature and the member shall receive a warning. All stated rules apply as total values when two signature graphic are used instead of one.

9. No "1337-speak" - "1337-speak" (leet) is incomprehensible gibberish and is not welcome on this forum. Violation of this will result in a Warning, but repeated offences could result in a Ban.

10. No Insubordination - Insubordination is simply not listening to the ruling of a Mod or Admin. Disregarded what we tell you to do is against the rules and will usually result in a Ban.

11. No Mod/Admin Begging - Mods and Admins are happy to promote fit users to a position of authority if they display the proper attitude, responsibility, discipline, and maturity. One way to show the exact opposite of all of these qualities is to ask for a position of authority. If you're fit for the position, we will find you, not vice-versa. Violation of this will result in a Warning; repeated offences may result in a Ban.

12. No Ban Contesting - Though we like to have an open dialogue with our users, a ban will stay a ban. Please do not log on under a different account or send an e-mail to ask why you have been banned. If you are unable to realize why you were banned, your lack of understanding of the Rules is probably the reason itself. If you logon under a different account somehow after a banning, you will once again be Banned.

13. No E-Mail Abuse - It is unacceptable to use the e-mail of users found here on the forum to sign them up for junk e-mail, send them threats, etc. If you do this, you will be Banned and you will probably have your ISP Contacted.

14. No Double Posting - ’Double Posting’ = posting once and then again - once directly after the other, leaving no space for another user to reply in between your posts. If you need to add any information to your previous post, use the "edit" button at the top-right corner of your post. This prevents the page from becoming unnecessarily cluttered, and it takes the same amount of time as making a completely new post right below your previous one. If a double post is spotted, the post will just be removed without question.

15. 25 Characters per post Minimum - VBulletin automatically stops you posting if you attempt to post less than 25 characters. This is an anti-SPAM feature. It is not hard to think up something to say which is more than 25 characters. Also, do not try to "game" the system by typing filler text such as *5 Word Minimum* to meet the requirements. If you do this, the post will be deleted without hesitation. If it happens once more after that, further action will be taken at the discretion of the moderators.

16. No Advertising Other Sites - We employ a strict "no advertising" policy, which includes promoting your site, or that of a competitor. Obviously, linking to sources of articles is okay - however posting links in order to send traffic to those sites is unacceptable. Such posts will be removed and the member will be warned.

17. Don't abuse the smilies - Smilies are a great way of expressing your emotions/feelings on a subject, however too many of them in a single posts (or series of posts!) is annoying and slows down the forums while they all have to load. For these reasons, we ask that you do not abuse the smilies feature and don't use them excessively.

18. Text must be written in Black font color - in order to make it easier on everyone - you may only post in black font color. You may use alternate colors to highlight key aspects of your post, but the majority of text should be posted in black.

19. Do not Impersonate Mods/Admin - Includes acting like a Mod and/or pretending to be a mod –e.g. sending PM's to members saying they will be banned or promoting new forum policy without Admin/Staff consent.

(POST VALUE Length/Expiration)

Constant SPAM (judged at discretion of staff) 3 post 3 months
Character limit breakage (with exceptions; up to five times) 2 post 2 weeks
Constant double posting (judged at discretion of staff) 3 post 2 months
Thread revival (with exceptions; up to five times) 2 post 2 weeks
Disrespect to any member (judged at discretion of staff) 3 post 4 months
Censor bypass (per offence) 1 post 4 months
Advertising other forums in posts or PMs (judged at discretion of staff) 2 points 1 month
Pornography, hentai or explicit materials All Posts Permanent
Other illegal materials (cracked software, ROMs, program serials) 4 points 4 months
Ignoring signature rule-breakage notices (per offence) 1 post 2 weeks

Language - As a community focusing not just on the PlayStation 3 console, but on all aspects of gaming, we would appreciate thoughtfulness from our users. Please use complete and grammatically correct sentences, and refrain from using internet abbreviations as much as possible (this includes colloquialisms such as "dat iz kool"). This is beneficial not only to have a healthy and intelligent forum community, but also to develop one's writing comprehension skills, a tool useful for later in life that is best when practiced to the point of natural ability.

Respect Your Elders - Though they're often looked at with contempt due to their authority, Mods and Admins are here to help you, and they work very hard for the benefit of the users. Though free thinking is encouraged on the forum, do try to understand the decisions of Mods and Admins as their view of the best way to benefit everyone in the Community. Show respect and appreciation for them; they deserve it.


By signing up at this forum, you agree to abide by the above Rules and Policies, and fully understand the consequences for disobeying them. Signing up for this forum signs you into a binding legal document in which you agree to abide by these Rules and Policies for the good of the community as a whole. You also acknowledge that Rules and Policies can and frequently will be changed or added to fit the changing times, and you are expected to abide by those as well. You understand that a message board is not a democracy, as the majority does not determine the correct course of action (however action regarding important issue is often taken after user consultation). If all of this is correct and you have read the Rules and Policies above, welcome to the community. Have fun on the forums, but do it responsibly. Everyone will be safer and happier. Thank you.
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Rules and Policies
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